Richter: Begovic Cvetka, SLO

Chris Srdce Hane, Bes. Pospisilova Magda, Versprechend
Dan Spod Vlcieho Kamena, Bes. Masrna Thomas, SG2
Charming Huge Unlimited, Bes. Stadler Günther, SG1
Angelical Glamour Caesar, Bes. Hamranova Erika, V1 CAC Res.CACIB
Offene Klasse
Diesel Cassy Dog, Bes. Kluckova Mariana, V1 CAC
Champion Klasse
Ulysses von Teufelhöhle, Bes. Simanovic Ranko, V1 CAC CACIB
Eight Wonder di Casimir, Bes. Prosa Maurizio, V2 Res.CACIB

Daisy Spod Vlcieho Kamena, Bes. Masrna Thomas, V4
Charming Huge Touched My Soul, Bes. Stadler Günther, V
Sotakal Amina, Bes. Lakatos Istvan, V1 Jugendbeste
Brampton Miss Carla, Bes. Lutman Erik, V2
Wallenstein´s Fee, Bes. Claudia Lehrl, V
Black Treasure Dogs Icy, Bes. Grosz Mihaly V3
Nikol Miss Moravia Falaris, Bes. Pospisilova Magda, V1 CAC
Angelical Glamour El Projai, Bes. Hamranova Erika, V2 Res.CAC
Offene Klasse
Golden Bull Sibylle, Bes. Prosa Maurizio, V1 CAC CACIB BOB
Black Treasure Karissa, Bes. Gosz Mihaly, V2 Res. CAC

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